Stress Relief-Try Spending Some Time in the Sun

The stress levels that we experience can directly affect our physical, emotional, and mental health.  Divorce is listed as one of the most stressful events in a persons life.  Having experienced the pain and stress of divorce I decided I would look for some ways to decrease the effects of stress in my life.  Here is one suggested way.

I came across a site that said if you want to achieve some level of stress relief in your life that you should give sitting in the sun a try.  I know what you are thinking, I may get sunburned, the sun is not really good for my skin,  I may get hot and sweaty, and I too have to worry about skin cancer. Yes, all of those are legitimate worries but I believe that most things done in moderation can be a good thing.

The Pain Relief Center says that the sun gives you healthier skin, encourages your brain to release chemicals that help you feel better, and reduce stress.

A positive effect of sunlight is the production of serotonin, which is a mood elevator.  Have you heard the phrase “sunny disposition”?  I guess one way to develop a sunny disposition is to actually spend some time in the sun.

Vitamin D production is also enhanced by sun exposure.  Vitamin D reduces inflammation and helps us have stronger bones, all things that in the scheme of life would produce less stress. An extra benefit of sun exposure is it lowers your blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide.  

I was trying to find a specific time limit to a safe amount of time to spend in the sun. Web MD states that 5-15 minutes even up to 30 minutes can be acceptable.  It depends on many factors such as skin tone, age, health history, diet, the time of year, and where you live.  It may be best to speak with your Dr. to find out what is healthy for you.We need to be prudent in our sun exposure considering the time of day and the length of time spent in the sun.  And of course, never forgetting to wear adequate sunscreen and wear our protective sunglasses.

A Few Ideas to Get Out Into the Sun
Go for a hike.
Take a walk.
Go to the beach or the pool.
Do a bit of gardening.
Go for a bike ride.
If you can’t go outside sit by a window

For me, I more than likely am getting enough sun.  This is only the case because I have a dog.  I walk my dog several times a day.  My dog’s name is Brodie and because of Brodie, I get some exercise and the benefits of limited sun exposure.

Take Care Everyone and May Your Day Stress-Free