Journal Prompt-Do You Belive in Ghosts? Have You Ever Had an Otherworldly Experience?

The question is, do you believe in ghosts, and have you ever had an otherworldly experience?  The answer to that question is maybe and maybe.  

I remember growing up and hearing other’s experiences and I too wanted to experience something beyond the norm.  My dad had a near-death experience that included finding himself swept into a tunnel and seeing a very bright light beckoning him.  This was before we even knew about the tunnel and light at the end being a thing.  He also saw an apparition, a mist at the foot of his bed one night.  The mist hovered and then floated over to my brother, and hovered over him, and then disappeared.  My dad said this experience brought him comfort.

My mom had an experience right after her mother died.  My mom was sleeping in my grandmother’s bed a few days after her funeral.  In the middle of the night, my mom felt the bed depress right beside her as though someone was sitting on the bed.  Mom said she felt it was her mother, and she said, “mom are you trying to tell me something?”  There was no reply.

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened to me until I stayed at a B&B in the mountains.  No, I did not see a ghost or hear strange goings-on in the night.  I had dreams.  I stayed at the B&B for two nights.  Both nights I had the same repetitive dream that would wake me up ten to fifteen times a night.  The dream never changed; it was exactly the same each time.  

This dream occurred in the shadows.  It was dark in the dream, and I never saw clearly the people in the dream, just their silhouette in the foggy darkness. There was a man that appeared on the left-hand side of my dream.  I felt as if he was a man in his twenties or thirties.  He was sneaking people away in an attempt to rescue them.  He was motioning for them to follow, and they did.  I never saw them clearly, but I knew they were there because I could make out their forms in the shadows.  

After dreaming all night the first night, I just chalked it up to a weird night.  When it occurred the second night exactly as it did the first, I became curious.  I got up around 4am that morning, thinking why even try to sleep with this crazy dream waking me up at all hours.  I began to do some research on the possibility that this house was haunted.  I found nothing.  Then I did a search on the area to see if there was a history with The Underground Railroad or cases of human trafficking.  I found nothing specific on either.  

I have been home for over a week now.  This dream has not returned, and I am left to wonder if it truly was the shadow of someone else’s memory or event.  Oddly it seems as though it was.  Very strange.