Journal Prompt-Do You Believe In Karma?

 Journal Prompt

Do You Believe In Karma?

First off, what is karma? I found this definition of karma in an online dictionary. Karma is “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.” Another meaning in the  Cambridge Dictionary is “a situation in which things happen to someone as a result of their previous actions, or the force that makes this happen.”Here is another quote…Hindus believe in karma, meaning they will answer for their actions – if not in this life, then in the next.

Here is how I feel about karma…

As a child, I may have believed in some form of karma. I knew that there were consequences to all actions, and thus, there must be consequences for wrongdoing. I thought negative karma should be the outcome for all wrongdoers and that all “good” people should have a life with only positive karma. After living for over 60 years, I have found that unrealistic and untrue as much as I wished the opposite.

I think, in some ways, people receive positive and negative outcomes from their actions. I also think that many suffer karma that was not their doing. Disease and poverty may devastate many innocent people. Unsavory people may mistreat others, with those affected undeserving of their wrath. 

I think there could be a positive reaction to a positive act and an adverse reaction to a harmful action. I believe we should do our best to treat others positively and hope for a positive outcome while we live on this earth.

There are many situations in life where we may want to witness karma. In cases of child abuse, sexual abuse, or any cruel action taken against another, this is where I would love for karma to take action.  In many divorce situations, I would like to see Karma. In cases where men are selfish and do harm to their children and their wife, those they have promised to love and protect.  In cases where there is infidelity and the action of walking out and leaving someone destitute and alone and confused and traumatized…this is where I would love to see karma played out.  Will I ever see it…I don’t know, but I know God will demand it in some way.

I think the only true Kama is through God. I believe he will judge us all in some manner and that only he can judge us fairly. That being said, I will leave the karma to God. 

Although, I do wish I could see more true karma here on earth. Seeing people doing cruel and selfish things with little to no consequence makes me angry. Seeing bad things happen to good people does not seem fair. 


How do you feel about karma?  Do you believe in it?  Have you seen Karma played out…if so how?