Divorce in the News March 18,2022

Divorce in The News

Five of the latest divorce articles include serving divorce papers to someone in prison, what to gather to prepare for divorce, how to handle divorce stress, having a good meditation demeanor, and ten signs your husband may be a narcissist. 

March 18, 2022

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1-Serving Divorce Documents When Your Spouse is in Prison is a helpful and informative article for those who are divorcing someone in prison.

2-What to Gather in Preparation for Divorce-These are items we should all have handy when going through the divorce process

3-How Can You Better Handle Divorce Stress The stress of divorce for me was the most significant level of stress I have ever experienced.  It has been nine years since my ex walked out, and I still struggle with physical and emotional symptoms.  Trying to eliminate or decrease stress is vital, and they give a few helpful hints here in this article.

4-Consider Your Demeanor and Its Effect On Your Divorce Mediation I can’t say I followed this list of suggestions in my divorce mediation.  I did not watch my tone, I had no empathy for what he had done, and I did place blame, and I don’t feel bad for doing so.  I did sadly have to make concessions, and I did stay attentive. 

5-Ten Signs Your Husband is a Narcissist I find these articles on narcissists more interesting every time I read them.  Why did they not teach this in school?

God Bless You On Your Journey!