Beware The Narcissist-Part What is An Overt Narcissist?

Beware the Narcissist Part 2-Types of Narcissists.

The Overt Narcissist

When going through a divorce, many people realize for the first time, maybe in decades, that they were married to a narcissist.  Sadly, most are not taught in school, or anywhere for that matter, what a narcissist is, so when confronted with narcissistic behavior, we may not be aware of the signs or potential abuse involved in a relationship with a narcissist.  With that in mind, I will be doing a series on “Beware The Narcissist” to help us become more familiar with the typical behavior of a narcissist.  Even if we are lucky enough to have not been in a narcissistic relationship, it is good to know what to look for to avoid such a relationship in the future.

First off, how is an overt narcissist described?  According to Choosing Therapy, an overt narcissist is

Overt narcissism is a type of narcissism marked by grandiose self-importance and lack of empathy.1 Overt narcissists often exaggerate their achievements, expect special treatment, and take advantage of others for personal gain. Others may perceive them as successful, but anxiety and low self-esteem lie beneath their false facades.

Traits of an Overt Narcissist

  • They tend to flaunt their achievements and seek admiration.
  • Have an inflated sense of their abilities and importance
  • They feel entitled to special treatment and recognition
  • They are more likely to engage in affairs or serial relationships
  • Feelings of self-importance and self-absorption
  • The constant need for attention and admiration
  • They lack empathy for others
  • They believe they are superior to others
  • They may appear to care, but they nearly always have ulterior motives…they wear a mask of caring to achieve a means to an end.
  • They are obsessed with their public persona.
  • They love to play the victim.

Possible Causes of Overt Narcissist

  • Genetics
  • Parenting Style (constantly praised and rewarded without any negative consequences)
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Cultural Factors
  • Personality Factors

A Few Examples of an Overt Narcissist

A person who constantly talks about their achievements. 

Someone always seeking praise and admiration from others.

A person who does not experience empathy.

Someone who uses people as a means to an end without genuine care for them.

An Overt Narcissist can appear overly charming, but they are actually seeking constant needs for affirmation and validation.

Here is a video that describes an Overt Narcissist.

God Bless You on Your Journey