What is Betrayal Trauma-A Series-Part 1

What is Betrayal Trauma, and are you a victim of this trauma? I had not heard of Betrayal Trauma until I listened to a YouTube Channel where it was described. After listening to the video, I feel I may have some level of betrayal trauma. This post will be in four parts that will include the definition, the conditions that set a person up for betrayal trauma, the symptoms of this type of trauma, and finally, what, if anything, we can do to heal as quickly from this trauma.

I came across an expert on Youtube. Her name is Dr. Ramani Durvasula, and I found her on Med Circle. She is a licensed psychologist. Most of the videos I have watched on her site have focused on narcissistic personalities that damage others. The latest one I listened to was on Betrayal Trauma. As I listened to it, I realized that that could be me. My response to my traumatic divorce fits entirely into this category. Let’s talk about it…

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Jf2CC73eKqkToday we will focus on the definition of betrayal trauma. I found a couple of definitions of betrayal trauma…here is what I found.

Here is what David Jone’s therapy had to say about it…

For some people, divorce will be one of the most traumatic events in their life. Divorce, and the events leading up to it, can cause a deep sense of betrayal. As a result, it can leave you with betrayal trauma, an emotional wound that may fill your world with confusion, chaos, and heartache.

Betrayal trauma differs vastly from other types of trauma because it involves not just the experience of abuse but also the experience of being betrayed by a critical relationship, such as a parent, caregiver, guardian, significant other, or another individual who is relied upon for support and safety.

Betrayal trauma is the result of the violation of a profound attachment, where there has been abuse or neglect of an individual who depends on that attachment for their safety and well-being. (Mind well NYC)

Betrayal trauma refers to the pain and emotional distress that occurs when a trusted institution, loved one, or intimate partner violates someone’s trust. Betrayal trauma may occur alongside gaslighting and lead to anxiety and depression.

Do you think you may struggle with Betrayal Trauma?  After listening to the video and doing a bit of research, I am convinced that I am. 

No matter your situation and how difficult it is, I know with God’s help, you can make it through.  You may have been betrayed by a person, but always remember God’s promise…”I will never leave you or forsake you. Remember, he walks beside you.

God Bless you on your journey!