Welcome to the World of Online Dating…Red Flags

I never thought I would be saying “Welcome to the World of Online Dating,” but here we are.  After a decade’s long marriage I find myself on a dating site.  Who would have thought?
I am doing my research.  I have visited many sites that discuss online dating.  On these sites, there are lists of precautions or “red flags,” things to avoid.  Today I thought we would visit one that I found listed as a red flag on many sites….The Blurry Profile Photo.

I have consulted numerous dating sites for their opinion on the blurry profile photo.  Most of the experts agree that this may be a red flag.  Here is the consensus.

*If someone has only one picture and it is blurry they may be trying to hide something.  This person may be insecure about who they are and could be misrepresenting themselves.

*Many agree that if there is only one blurry photo in a group of clear images, it is probably an innocent mistake.

*It could be a fake profile.

*If the person does not take the time to put up a precise and accurate photo they may not be taking this dating process seriously.  They may not be committed to the process.

*And then again it may just be that this want to be dater is technically challenged. They may have cropped down a photo so much that it has lost its clarity.

I have over 100 matches on my dating site.  I am going to go through them now and delete any that have only one photo, and that one image is blurry.  I am noticing many folks don’t put any pictures up at all, but that is a topic for another time.

Have fun dating but please take precautions.
Stay safe!
Disclaimer:  I have little experience with online dating.  I will be consulting many sites online for those who have more experience and expertise in the world of online dating plus I will throw in some of my experiences as well.  I have no idea if the advice I find is true or false, but it is thought-provoking, and I will definitely heed their warnings.

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    1. Probably not Braver but perhaps more foolish:-) I really have not done much with it. I have been on one coffee date. From what I have read women over 40 are targets on these sites, the men think they have money…I wish:-)

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