Stress Relief and Flowers. Feeling Stressed? Enjoy the Flowers.

I do love flowers. I have spent much time at Garden Centers and Parks taking photos of flowers. I find it very relaxing to immerse myself in the environment of the flower gardens. I think I found peace among the beautiful plants, and in that, some of the stress in my life was relieved. 

I found this quote on Stress To Strength that says- 

“A major study at Harvard University indicates that flowers are a natural stress reliever.”

Here is another statement about flowers and stress relief that I found on Ellison Chair

Having flowers around the home and office greatly improves people’s moods and reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression. Flowers and ornamental plants increase positive energy levels and help people feel secure and relaxed.

How can we incorporate flowers into our lives?  

Visit Local Gardens:

One place I loved to take flower photos was Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. There is nothing nicer than taking a stroll through the lovely and well-landscaped garden. Just a short stroll through the garden, for me, is a form of stress relief.

Garden Centers:

I enjoy taking photos in local garden centers. I find it therapeutic to walk among the rows of plants and flowers. 

My daughter has a flower garden, and she is turning it into a business. This means I will have more flowers in my life. If you don’t have a friend or family member with a garden, turn to local farms and garden centers to get your flower fix. 

Below are a few flowers she picked last week along with me and my two grandbabies:-)

Purchase Flowers For Your Home:

I was a member of a flower subscription service several years ago. You sign up for the service, pay the price, and lovely flowers arrive at your home. I had so much fun arranging the flowers and enjoying their beauty and scents. There are several services out there, but they are pricey, but it is worth it if you have the money. Here is an article I found on The Spruce titled The Best Flower 


You can also buy your flowers from local florists or grocery stores. My daughter gets her flowers from Trader Joe’s and tells me she gets the best flower deals there. 

If you are feeling stressed today, go out and buy some flowers. They will brighten your day!