Quote of the Month for February 2021

 A Quote for February 2021

I don’t know how many times I have not participated in an event or activity because my focus was on what could go wrong. I think this is exacerbated by the anxiety that is caused by an unwanted divorce. Yes, things can go wrong in every aspect of our lives and at any moment of our lives. With that being said, almost 100% of the time I have stepped out to take an adventure, I have come away in some way fulfilled and excited about my next activity or excursion.

As I am putting together my blog for the next few months, I will be thinking of the many things I can do to make life more fulfilling. I am planning on taking Caleb and Maggie on a weekend excursion. Yes, all types of calamities could occur, but the odds are against it. Making a memory is more important to me than the unknown threat of something negative occurring.

I say, let’s get out there, take a chance and make a memory:-)

What types of adventures are you planning this winter or spring.  I would love to know.  Put a comment in the comment box.  Thanks!