Memories of My Divorce Journey, The Beginning. “Keep Looking Up Children”

I am going back to the beginning of my Divorce Recovery blog, which I started in 2013.  I will read my old posts and share them as I go back over my story.  It may be painful to relive the early days, but my hope is that it will help someone on the same or similar journey.  Let’s get started.

Summer 2013

A Memory

Another bad day. I went through the motions at work and somehow managed to make it through the day.

After work, I forced myself, as I do with all my activities these days, to go to Zumba. As I attempted the dance moves, my eye kept going to the window to my right. The sun was shining through the trees. Then a memory struck me of an older man, a man of God who would be appalled at the situation I find myself in.   

This man was my husband’s grandfather. I was in my early 20s when we visited him in his home. He was lying in a hospital bed, slowly dying of colon cancer. I remember he greeted us with a weak smile. In all his pain, he pointed skyward slowly and then said, “keep looking up, children, keep looking up.” He was trying to tell us to always look to God and keep our trust in Him.  He was trying to tell us to walk in his path and that he will care for us. I will try to follow his advice.

If you are going through the pain of divorce, please hold tightly to your faith and your friends.

Although it may seem impossible, you will make it.

God Bless