Journal Prompt-What is Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream? Share an Ice Cream Story.

What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?  That is a tough question because there are so many delicious flavors to choose from.  I guess my favorite flavor is chocolate, although my favorite emotional flavor is Butter Pecan.  My mom loved Butter Pecan ice cream, so when I indulge in that ice cream flavor, I think of my mom.

I can think of a few ice cream stories.  I remember as a young child, my dad making ice cream.  He had the old crank ice cream maker.  I remember him putting in the cream and adding salt around the sides of the machine.  I, too, remember him using the hand crank.  It seemed to take forever, but he kept cranking. I recall in the initial ice cream phase turning the crank was easy, and as the ice cream thickened, I remember my dad working hard to produce an ice cream treat for the family. 

My mom loved ice cream.  She loved a hot fudge sundae as well.  I recall going to Woolworths with her, where she would, on rare occasions, allow herself to enjoy her beloved hot fudge sundae.  As much as she loved this treat, she would worry about the calories and gaining weight.  When mom was nearing the end of her life, she lost a lot of weight.  I would think of the many times she would skip her favorite treat because of fear of weight gain.  I decided there was no need to skip this treat at present, so I bought the needed ingredients and made her a hot fudge sundae.  What a treat for both of us as she left her state of dementia and smiled as she enjoyed her hot fudge sundae.