Inspirational Quotes-Helping Others by Sally Koch

I love the thought of being able to help others.  I have found in my lifetime that there are many organizations you can get involved with that reach out to help those in need.  Organizations often need you to be physically present, and at other times, they need donations to assist those in need. 

All ways in which people reach out to help others are important.  One of the best ways for most of us to help those in need is to help those we come across in our day-to-day lives.  A neighbor who needs a helping hand, local charities, or a person you may come across that just needs someone to take the time to listen.  

I think we need to keep our eyes open to every opportunity to help those around us.  Sometimes the need may be monetary, but many times it may be as simple as a hug to make someone’s day.  Also, be aware that it is ok if you are the one in need.  Many times, when I was feeling down, the help would have come in the simplicity of a smile or a hug. 

Keep your eyes open for an opportunity to care for others today.