How to Go Solo After Divorce-Going Out Alone

I was married for most of my life.  Everything I did and everywhere I went usually involved either my husband or my kids.  Suddenly with an unwanted divorce, you find you do not have that partner beside you to experience life’s events and adventures.  

I have been separated since 2013, and I still find it difficult, at times, to venture out on my own.  I make myself because I know the importance of not isolating.   Believe me when I say it is easy to talk yourself out of a solo adventure when you are an introvert.  

It was Friday night.  I had signed up weeks ago for a luau being held in my neighborhood, and I was excited at the prospect.  As I sat at home dressed and ready to go, I began to question my decision.  “Do I really want to go and sit by myself?”  “I could stay home and just relax for the evening.”  I won’t be disappointing anyone because I am going by myself, so I don’t have to go.”  That is where I was wrong because I would be disappointing myself.  I would miss out on an experience, an adventure.  I would miss out because I would be sitting at home alone rather than enjoying a party.  I would miss out on the opportunity to meet new people.  With all that in mind, I decided to get off the couch and go to the luau.

I think we need to be brave and fight the strong urge to stay at home.  The focus should not be that you are going alone but instead the focus should be going on the adventure, and we should embrace the experience.  If you venture out solo and you are uncomfortable, you can leave anytime you like.

I have been on several solo trips since my separation and divorce.  Nearly everywhere I go, I meet nice people and enjoy seeing new places and trying new things.  There is so much to experience, and I don’t want to miss out because I am single. After all, that would not be fair to me.  So I force myself to get out there and enjoy my life, and nine times out of ten, I do.

Get out and enjoy your life!

God Bless,