Eight Steps to Help You Face Your Fear When You Are Not Feeling Brave

Based on a “Quote of the Week” about bravery in the face of fear, I have found 8 possible steps to help us through to the other side of that fear.

Fear can be paralyzing. Instead of taking steps forward, you may choose denial and hide from the reality of the situation.  Hiding will not help you in a difficult situation; it may only make it more difficult.  Here are a few steps that I have found that are helpful in facing our fear.

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1-Acknowledge your fear and accept that fear. 

2-Try to understand why you are afraid.  Break down your fear, so it is not generalized.  This way, you can address what is causing your fear.  If you don’t know what is causing your fear, you can’t manage that fear.

3-Focus on what you can control and control that.  Some things are entirely out of our control.  When my husband left, there was no way I was going to stop him; he had made up his mind.  When I realized the decision was made, I also realized this was out of my control.  I then had to focus on what I could control; for example, I hired an attorney, prayed, and reached out for help from friends and professionals.

4-Find a mentor or counselor that can guide you and help you make the right decisions.  A role model who is in or has been in the same situation that you are.  They can help you find solutions and give you confidence.  

5-Realize that you are not alone. What is happening in your life has happened to others.  You are not the first. 

6-Find a mantra to keep you strong.  There were two that kept me going during the initial phases of my divorce. 

“When you are going through Hell, keep going.”

Whinston Churchill

“I will never leave you are forsake you!”


7-Make a plan to face your fear head-on.  Set goals to conquer your fear. I have found that ignoring your fear will not improve things.  Stand up straight, take a deep breath, grab God’s hand and face your fear.

8- Don’t give up! There will be setbacks but don’t give up.

God Bless You On Your Journey!