Divorce Diversion, Journal Prompt. What Song Has Given You Strenght in a Difficult Time?

Music has been my source of hope and strength since I can remember.  As a child, I remember singing along with the Hermans Hermits and The Monkeys for hours on end.  As I entered my teen years, I loved rock music and listened to it every chance I got. As a teen, I gave my life to God and began to listen to contemporary Christian music.  I loved the hope and encouragement found in the lyrics.  Over the years, with all of its ups and downs, I found positive messages in the music that helped me deal with whatever came my way.
I could not have anticipated the power of music in my life when a devastating life event occurred.  My husband left me after a 37-year long marriage without any warning.  I was in shock and quickly fell into depression.  I felt I had no lifeline and no hope, and then I remember the music.  I began to listen to a Christian radio station, even when I did not feel like it would help.  In listening to the lyrics every day, I did find strength in the lyrics and hope in the music.  I slowly began to regain my strength.  
There were several songs in which I found renewed hope, but one song stands out among them.  I called this song my song.  The song title was “Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns.  When my song would come on the radio, it was as if I was receiving a gentle hug from God.  And through my tears, I would do my best to praise Him even in my storm.