Ask The Divorce Lady: What Should I do With My Wedding Ring??

Ask the Divorce Lady

What should I do with my wedding ring now that my husband has walked out on me?

For me the answer was simple “Hock that puppy!”

I don’t think there is any wrong answer to the question of what to do with a wedding ring when it no longer stands for the promise on which it was based.  Everyone is different and has to decide what to do with the ring for themselves.  For me, it was a no-brainer.  What stood for a promise, a vow, to God now meant nothing.  I don’t feel I should have saved it for my kids because it now stands for a lie.  So off to the pawn shop I went.

I did a Google search and a survey to find out what people did with their rings when a marriage failed.  Here is what I learned…

Many were like me and went to the pawn shop. Sadly some of the folks that pawned their rings had to use the money to survive because their Ex left them in dire financial straits, which I have found to be sadly quite common.  Some said they used the money for their kids, for food, for a tank of gas.  Others who pawned their rings were able to travel.  I would not have gotten very far based on the value of my ring.  I was able to get a little over $100.00 for mine.

Many people redesign the ring into a divorce ring or used the value of the ring to buy a new ring.

Some folks like to throw their rings.  For example, throw it in a field, throw it in a lake, throw it in a pond, throw it at him.

There are some who continue to cherish their rings.  Some do keep the ring as a keepsake for their children, and some decided to continue to wear their rings.  This  course of action would not fit my personality, and again I say “Hock that Puppy!”

Here are a few unique ways the disavowed have decided to deal with their ring after a separation and divorce.

*One lady melted hers down and made it into a tiny gold pig.  She uses this pig when playing board games.

*You can buy a wedding ring coffin.

*Someone put theirs in the collection plate at church.

*Flush it down the toilet.

*Place it in the recycle bin.

*One of the most creative and probably expensive ways one person cast aside their ring was to send it into space on a rocket.  I am not sure how she pulled that off:-)

The best answer for those of you trying to decide what to do with your wedding ring is to do what is best for you.  Don’t be swayed by anyone.  You have to make the decision you can live with, and that is ok.  There is no wrong answer.

But for me, again, I say,

“Hock that puppy!!”


The Divorce Lady

(I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.  I would also like to know what you did with your ring if it now longer represented a vow and promise to you and to God.)