What is the Latest Divorce in the News for Nov, 7,2022?

 Every week or so, I look at what is happening in Divorce News. I search “divorce” in Google and put a time frame on the search of that current week to give me an overview of what is happening in divorce news. The trending news is typically celebrity news. For instance, this week, the focus is on Bella Poarch. I have no idea who that is, but she seems to be the celebrity divorce focus for this week. No, I do not know the situation of this divorce, but I do know that divorce is taken very lightly in our culture, which is a sad commentary.

Yes, in the news, it is the celebrities that get all the attention. I am not looking for articles that are celebrity-focused. Still, I am searching for articles that can help regular people look for answers as they navigate the difficult road of divorce. Here is what I found this week.

Five of the latest divorce articles include how to deal with a breakup, divorce sleep, asking Amy a divorce question, losing yourself in a divorce and how one person finds themselves again, and five ways to get ahead in your divorce case.

November 7, 2022

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1-Dealing With A Breakup or Divorce– This is an excellent article on some helpful ways to deal with a breakup.

2-What is Sleep Divorce, and is it Helpful? This article has nothing to do with divorce in a marriage, but it is sleeping solo without your husband or wife. Many have said that if you sleep apart, you are destined for a divorce, but I don’t believe this to be true. If you have a healthy relationship and need to sleep apart to get much-needed consistent rest, that does not mean divorce is in your future.

3-Ask Amy: Our Child Reacted Very Strangely to Our Divorce Announcement-This is just another reason for me to see divorce as selfish unless infidelity or abuse of some sort is in play. It damages not only the spouse you are leaving but all others involved, even the children.

4-I Lost Part of Myself In My Divorce. Cooking Brought Me Back- I can relate to her story in many ways. I always suggest to people that if they have lost the desire to do what they used to love because of their divorce, they should force themselves to do what they used to love, and slowly the joy in that activity will return. It happened that way for me too.

5-Five Ways to Get Ahead on Your Divorce Case-I found this interesting article that comes out of New Jersey. It speaks to reasons for divorce and what to look for when trying to find a divorce attorney.

God Bless You On Your Journey!