Weekly Words-Words of Inspiration by Carl Jung

Each week I hope to share a quote with you.  Some will be inspirational, some heartfelt, some deep, 

but all will give you something to think about.

All of us will experience trauma on some level in our lives.  It may be physical, emotional, or both, but either way, we can come out on the other side of such trauma.  

I agree with the quote by Carl Jung, for the most part.  I guess it depends on how much damage has been done as to how fast and if we can “choose” what we become.  That being said, I think no matter what the pain in our life has been that we need to fight for what we “choose to become” and what we can become…hopefully we can become our best selves in lieu of our circumstances.

For some, after a major trauma, it will take baby steps.  Just the choice to take that baby step can lead us closer to what we want to become.  In a sense, we are, at least in part, what happened to us.  We have been damaged in some way, which has changed us, and thus it is now part of our story.  I guess the real truth is that we have to fight to rise above the damage into a life that reflects who we are as a person, and although we are changed by our circumstances, we don’t let them define us or control us.  

I believe the goal would be to become our best selves to spite what has happened.  If we can help others who have similar experiences, that is even better.

God Bless You On Your Journey.