Weekly Words Tuesday By Eleanor Rosevelt

Weekly Words Tuesday by Eleanor Roosevelt.

I must say I enjoy the many wonderful quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt.   This one is so simple but completely accurate.  When we doubt ourselves and don’t push on in what we know we should be doing, we fail not only ourselves but also others.

I have written 99% of my next book.  I know this book can help others on their divorce journey, but I feel stuck/lost in the process.  The company I used to produce my first book has dissolved, and I find myself feeling like I have never been through this process before, and I feel confused about how to proceed.  This confusion leads me to not try.  

I feel like this quote is for me…  “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt
With this quote in mind, I will push on in my book publishing journey with a new determination.
What do you need to do on your journey that you feel you cannot accomplish?  My advice is to take a deep breath and keep trying to meet your goals no matter how impossible they may seem.
God Bless!

Kathiey V.