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📰Divorce News📰

*Did you hire a PI?  I did and I am so glad that I did.  The PI helped me learn what was hidden and now I have evidence to back it up.Check out the article here…

              3 Reasons Why You NEED To Hire a Private Investigator For Divorce

*Here is an article from Divorced Girl Smiling…
My answer to that is “Heck No!”
What do you think, I would love to know.
Here is an article on
Odds are 1 in 4 women will go through this.  So sad!
📹Divorce related videos📹
I found this video on YouTube.   I see these men as incredibly selfish, lacking morality and commitment.  I do believe you can move on after divorce and be happy. Sadly though there is unnecessary damage to all involved that will never be completely healed.  Again I say selfish!
I would agree with every point that she had except for one.
It too me 5 years to begin to recover.
Just for fun from my other blogs
I have been having fun with subscription boxes lately.  Here are two of my reviews with links to my youtube channel.
If you are going through a separation/divorce my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Remember God’s Promise
“I will never leave you or forsake you!”
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