Ways to De-Stress-Peel an Orange

Ok, guys, it’s time to de-stress. Those of us going through a divorce seems to be a reservoir for stress. I never had any issues with unhealthy anxiety or depression until I was blindsided with marital separation after decades of marriage. On one stress index scale, that I found, divorce rates the second highest stressor with the death of a spouse first. I don’t know if I agree with that, because unwanted divorce is like a death.

“Divorce is like a death but with intent”

Let’s refer to the article I found on Huff Post “100 Ways to De-stress”. We have completed #1 Chocolate Meditation. That one was enjoyable, as is anything to do with chocolate. Then we moved on to #2 which is extremely beneficial, Journaling.

Moving on to #3…

                 “Peel an orange. Studies show the smell of citrus can help reduce stress”

I don’t have an orange, but I believe that that are many scents that can enhance our mood and thus decrease our stress.  The Cleveland Clinic states that “aromatherapy can improve our mood and lessen anxiety.”  Let’s see what I can find to sniff…Brodie and I took off on a walk to enjoy the scents that nature provides.  I enjoyed the smell of freshly cut grass and the aroma of the Magnolia flowers on the trees…I did find myself to be relaxed as I wandered and breathed in the perfumed air.

Brodie did not seem to be impressed with the flowers or the grass…this was more his speed.  I used to tell my kids that “everybody likes different things”.  Case in point with Brodie:-)

I have never had luck with finding perfumes that I love, but I now have found two.  Stephanie and I ventured to Nordstrom to check out the options.  We both fell in love with Beach by Bobbi Brown.  Every time I put it on it brings up memories of the beach…good memories, and thus it is a stress reliever.

The second one I enjoy is Star Magnolia by Jo Malone.  Such a light, fresh scent.  I am seeing a trend here.  Enjoying magnolia flowers and now magnolia perfume. I never even realized I liked them.

If you find yourself feeling a bit stressed out, I suggest you close your eyes and slowly breathe in the scent of your choice.  I can’t make that decision for you, because as you have learned from Brodie, everybody likes different things:-)

Remember you are not alone and you are stronger then you think!

God Bless,