Ways to Connect With Others When You Travel Solo

I love to travel.  I enjoy exploring my home state of North Carolina and across the state lines to other areas of the world.  Now that I am divorced I do travel alone.  I figure if I wait for someone to go with me I may never go, so I take the gladly accept the challenge of a solo adventure.  I do enjoy my time alone, but I also enjoy meeting new people on my travels.  I consulted Google on just how to connect with others while on a solo travel adventure.

On my Google search, I found that this is a popular topic.  Some of the ideas are easy to do at a moments notice, and others take a bit of planning.

Lodging:  There were many suggestions on places to stay that may open the door to meeting new people.  At an AirB&B you would be meeting the host family, and at a Bed and Breakfast, you would meet the owners and fellow travelers.  Some folks meet others while staying at hotels while relaxing in the hotel lobby or at the hotel bar.  Hostels were also highly recommended for meeting new friends.

Tours: Many towns and cities have organized tours.  I found walking tours, bus tours and day trips on my search.  Tours may take some advanced planning but would be easy to do.

Local Festivals: Many feel that visiting a local festival is a great way to meet others.

Eat at the Bar: When you go out for dinner if your restaurant of choice has a bar enjoy your meal there.  You may find both travelers and locals at a restaurant bar. Instead of sitting alone at a table or booth where you may seem less approachable the bar offers the opportunity for conversation.

Meetup Groups: Check out the Meetup groups in the area.  I am a member of local Meetup, and they have endless events.  I just checked out Meetups in New Bern NC because I am thinking about traveling there and I found that they have many.

Easy Ways to Make a New Friend:


*Offer to take photos if you see the opportunity.

*If you strike up a conversation introduce yourself.

Go to a Winery: I say this based on experience.  I met a nice man at a winery in the NC mountains.  We were both enjoying a tasting and struck up a conversation.

Travel with a Group: I enjoyed a trip with the Road Scholars.  Met some very nice people on our group journey.

I am sure there are many ways to meet others while on your solo travels.  These are just a few based on my personal experience and the experience of others.  Just be careful, most people are friendly but there are a few crazies out there.

I have decided to try out every one of the things listed above and just see what happens.  I will update you on the experience.

How do you meet new people on your travels?  I would love to know.

Happy Travels and Adventures!

Be safe and have Fun.