Watch TV With Me-Grace and Frankie-Season 1 Episode 4

Divorce seems to touch everyone’s lives these days.  It was rare to hear of divorce when I was a child.  This is no longer the case, and it seems vows to God and others mean very little in our society.  I disagree with this new way of thinking, and I believe a vow is a commitment. (I think there are reasons for divorce, such as abuse and adultery.  Divorce should not be taken lightly.)

You see divorce in the media in TV shows, and movies.  In this segment, I will focus on divorce in the media and my thoughts on a particular movie or show as I am watching.  I would love it if you joined me as I watch these shows and share my thoughts as I enter my 8th-year post, my husband leaving.

I would love it if you shared your thoughts on the shows as we watch them together.

Grace and Frankie

Season 1 Episode 3

My thoughts as I watch this show.

1-I love the way Frankie helps others.  I have read that volunteering is a great way to cope with loss.  Maybe we should all try it.

2-Robert is even condescending to his lover Sol.  Some things never change.  He does not accept him for who he is and this is another reason I detest Robert but I feel some compassion for Sol.

3-It is interesting that both Frankie and Sol have unique shoes.  They do have a lot in common.  I do love Grace’s dress!

4-What to do with the wedding rings.  Here is what I did with mine; click this link to find out, Ask the Divorce Lady.

5- It is an interesting situation when you have to be in social situations with someone who has betrayed you.  Many people see their ex’s at family events such as birthdays, graduations, the birth of grandchildren and yes, even funerals.

6-Yes shoes can be uncomfortable:-) 

7-It is interesting how the ex’s family is cutting off the once loved Grace from the family in Robert’s case.  Suddenly she is not invited to the family events. Sadly I think that is typical.

8-Grace says, “I lost my marriage, my extended family, and my own family is broken up,” and sadly, that sums up what happened to me.

9-Old habits die hard as Frankie accidently gets into her Ex’s car.


Frankie-I still love her. I love her compassion and her kindness.

Grace- Grace is sophisticated and classy.  She is struggling hard to maintain her composure.  I love her too.  

Sol-He remains my favorite of the two exes.  I hate his dishonesty toward his wife, but I like his compassion.

Robert-I still see him as a slimy, selfish narcissist who lies quickly and shamelessly.  He does not change in this episode.  He does cry in this episode but I still see him as creepy.

The kids did not show up in this episode but below is how I feel about them so far…

Mallory (Grace’s daughter) seems sweet, and she really wants to help her mom.

Bree (Grace’s other daughter) seems more like her father. I don’t like her character.

I really like both of the sons.


1-Did you think your hand looked strange without your ring.  What did you do with your ring?

2-Are you left out of family activities since your divorce. How do you feel when you are left out of these activities now that you are an ex?

3-Talk about an uncomfortable shoe experience you have had in your life.

4-Did your extended family abandon you when your ex did?  How do you feel about that?

Watch the show and let me know your thoughts.

God Bless You on Your journey!