Watch TV With Me, Grace and Frankie, Season 1 Episode 2

Divorce seems to touch everyone’s lives these days.  When I was a child it was rare to hear of a divorce.  This is no longer the case and it seems vows to God and to others mean very little in our society.  I disagree with this new way of thinking and I believe a vow is a commitment. (I believe there are reasons for divorce such as abuse and adultery.  Divorce should not be taken lightly.)

You see divorce in the media in TV shows and movies.  In this segment, I will focus on divorce in the media and my thoughts on a particular movie or show as I am watching.  I would love it if you would join me as I watch these shows and share my thoughts as I enter my 8th-year post my husband leaving.

I would love if you would share your thoughts on the shows as we watch them together.

Grace and Frankie

Season 1 Episode 2

My thoughts as I watch this show.

1-I love the beach house. Many of us don’t have an option of a beach house when the husband walks out.

2-“It’s hard to breathe, isn’t it,” says Frankie. Yep, it was hard in the beginning to simply breathe because of the shock of it all. One of the chapters in my second book is “Just breathe.” I remember doing breathing exercises at night to try to eliminate some of the physical symptoms brought on by a pending divorce.

3-I have negative feelings toward both men as they lay in bed without a care while the women they swore to love and to cherish now suffer.

4-Everyone deals with pain differently. Frankie likes to meditate and dance and sage the house. Frankie mentions journaling, which is a wonderful tool when going through a stressful time. I say whatever works is best except anything that would hurt themselves or others.

5-The talk of lawyers has come up. Based on my experience, you have to have a good divorce attorney. 

6-Those awful men cut off the women’s credit cards. This was such a controlling and cruel act. Frankie’s son referred to it as a hostile act, and I would agree. 

7-I like that Robert, on several occasions, refers to himself as an a-hole. I don’t believe for a minute that he thinks this because he is a narcissist and narcissists use any manner possible to get what they want.

8-Frankie, crying, asks, “was any of it real?” In my case, learning what I did in discovery, I don’t think it was ever real.


Frankie-Frankie’s pain is on display in this episode. It is a mix of anger and pain, something we all feel when going through a divorce.

Grace- In this episode, Grace displayed her compassion. She is less than crazy about Frankie living with her, but she realizes how sad Frankie was, and she invites her back to the beach house. 

Sol-Yes, he was deceitful for over twenty years, making him a liar. What makes him a bit less awful is that he has compassion and regret, which means he is not a narcissist like Robert.

Robert-I see him as a slimy, selfish narcissist who lies easily and shamelessly.

Mallory (Grace’s daughter) seems sweet, and she really wants to help her mom.

Bree- Grace’s other daughter) – She seems more like her father.


1-Did you stay in your home after your divorce?  If you left, where did you go?

2-Did you or anyone else call your ex a derogatory word during the divorce process?  How did this make you feel?

3-What ways did you cope during the early days of your divorce journey?

Watch the show and let me know your thoughts.

God Bless You on Your journey!