Watch TV With Me: Grace and Frankie Season 1 Episode 5

 Divorce seems to touch everyone’s lives these days.  It was rare to hear of divorce when I was a child.  This is no longer the case, and it seems vows to God and others mean very little in our society.  I disagree with this new way of thinking, and I believe a vow is a commitment.  (I think there are reasons for divorce, such as abuse and adultery.  Divorce should not be taken lightly.)

You see divorce in the media in, TV shows, and movies.  In this segment, I will focus on divorce in the media and my thoughts on a particular film or show as I am watching.  I would love it if you joined me as I watch these shows and share my thoughts as I enter my 8th-year post, my husband leaving.

I would love it if you shared your thoughts on the shows as we watch them together.

Grace and Frankie

Season 1 Episode 5

My thoughts as I watch this show.

1-Grace is not eating well.  I did that when my ex left.  I went from a size 10 to a size 4 fairly quickly.  

2-Oh, the dating scene.  I understand why Grace was reluctant.

3-“You don’t need a man to define yourself.”  Good Quote!

4-I enjoyed watching Grace fill out her dating profile.


Frankie-I still love her.  I love her compassion and her kindness.

Grace-I know she had an accident and was in pain, but she said some hurtful things to Frankie.  Grace realizes her negative ways in the end and attempts to redeem herself.

Sol-He remains my favorite of the two exes.  I hate his dishonesty toward his wife, but I like his compassion.  He did not make an appearance in this episode.

Robert-I still see him as a slimy, selfish narcissist who lies quickly and shamelessly.  In this episode, he does not change as he feigns concern for Grace after her accident.

Mallory (Grace’s daughter) seems sweet, and she really wants to help her mom.  She did not appear in this episode.

Bree (Grace’s other daughter)Bree seems to have developed more compassion toward her mom in this episode.

I really like both of the sons.  Neither son was in this episode.


1-Have you ever tried a dating site?  If so, was it a good experience?

2-Have you ever lashed out when you were scared or afraid.  Tell the story of that experience.

3-Did your eating habits change during your divorce.  Did you lose or gain weight, or did you stay the same during your divorce?

4-If you are on your dating site, what is something that is in their profile that makes you say no way to a date with them?

5-What is the most bizarre photo you have seen on a dating profile.

6-Do you need a man to define you?

Watch the show and let me know your thoughts.

God Bless You on Your journey!