Tuesday Travels-A Hike to the Waterfalls with Carolina Bound Adventures in Bryson City North Carolina

I had been thinking about taking a short time to the mountains.  One day I was at home and I thought to myself it is time to stop thinking about it and just do it.  The plan was to spend 3 days in Bryson City NC.  My dilemma was that I love to explore but do I really trust myself alone on unknown mountain trails?  The answer to that is a definite no.  I was fortunate that I decided to go to Bryson City because in Bryson City they have a Concierge/Guide service that caters to those of us that don’t feel comfortable doing the exploring on our own.  Carolina Bound Adventures
Here is a quote from their website
With our expertise and familiarity in the area, we will help you create an unforgettable family vacation experience. Carolina Bound Adventures provides a number of different adventure packages, ranging from day-long to week-long adventures. We’ll use our area expertise to guide your way by making reservations for you or even offering fully guided Adventures.
They have so many adventures to choose from.
I decided to take the 1/2 day waterfall hike.
Below were my trusty guides, KK and Mark.
Very nice and informative guides, I felt at home with them right away.
The trails were wide open and clear.
You do have an uphill climb so it is a great workout.



We saw some beautiful butterflies and dragonflies.
I did wear bug spray for possible mosquitoes and ticks but I did not notice any.
 The water was beautiful.  I wanted so badly to just jump in.
Next time I go up I want to go tubing or rafting.



The couple with us were on a double adventure.
A half-day of hiking and then after that fly fishing.



I am about 4.5 hours from Bryson City.
If I lived closer I would try to take all of their tours.
Here is a link to their tour menu..“Start Your Adventure Now”
Here are a few of the ones I would choose…
Sunset Hike
Wine Tour (they offer brewery tours also)
Kayak Tour of Fontana Lake
White Water Rafting-Guided Tour
Zip Lining
Horseback Riding
Jeep Tour
….and the list goes on and on.
They offer some lodging options as well.
I loved my day hiking with Mark and KK.  I would have never ventured out on my own so I am glad I found this wonderful service.  If you are in or near Bryson City I suggest you check them out.
Here is a short clip of a waterfall.
What a wonderful soothing sound.


Happy Travels and Adventures!