Trapped At Home During the CoronaVirus. Ways I stay somewhat sane.

I know that many of us are practicing social distancing in an attempt to “flatten the curve” to protect ourselves and those we love from getting the virus.  We also isolate ourselves in an attempt to decrease the massive influx of patients that have to go to the hospital thus taxing healthcare equipment and staff.

This is not an easy time for anyone.  I know for me distancing myself from my family has been painful but necessary.  I do go to the grocery store during the “senior hours” to get some needed supplies.  I have seen people I know during my grocery store visits and I want to give them a hug, especially those working hard in the store to help us with our daily needs, but I know I can’t.

Looking through the door at my beautiful grandchildren.
Did I want to swing open the door and hug them tight?
Yes, but I knew I could not.

Here are some ways I am attempting to stay somewhat sane and distracted during my isolation.

I am developing a routine and a schedule.  It is easy to dwell on the negatives during this time but I want to make the best of this time, as difficult as it is, and also be somewhat productive.

Here is my typical schedule. 

Other things to do…

Take Classes on Udemy

Decorate a room.  You can still order things online.

Binge watch a tv show.

Face-Time with family.

Attempt to make face masks, there are many tutorials on YouTube

Read.  Reading is a stress reliever and a great distraction.

Here is something I am adding to my day to stay productive…

These are just a few ways I am surviving my social distancing.  How about you?  What does your day look like?  Any suggestions for the rest of us?

God Bless

Take Care

Stay Well