Thoughts on an Article: Lady Blows Up Her Wedding Dress.

Woman Blows Up Her Wedding Dress To Celebrate Divorce

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This article is a story about a Texas woman who could not decide what to do with her wedding dress after her 14 years of marriage ended. She was given many suggestions as to what to do with her dress. One suggestion was to donate it to make baptism gowns. She decided not to do this because to her this dress represented a lie. So what did she do? She had a party and blew up her dress, and they said the explosion could be felt for miles. I understand her thinking, and I hope she had a good time at the party.

I did this with my wedding ring. No, I did not blow it up, but I took it to a pawn shop. I was told I should save it and give it to my daughters or my grandkids. But to me it all it represented was a lie and how could I give a lie to my children and grandchildren.(Ask the Divorce Lady-What should I do with my wedding ring?)

How do you feel about this article? What did you do with your wedding dress or your wedding ring? There is no wrong answer. Everyone deals with pain differently.