The Territorial Goose and A Life Lesson  

We saw him in the distance. His head held high not only with confidence but conviction. He would stand his ground.  Yes, it was a territorial goose.  I have encountered them on many occasions, but this one looked particularly determined.
Brodie and I stopped and just looked at him.  We had choices.  We could run with our tail, well at least Brodie’s, between our legs.  We could continue our predetermined course and confront the situation, but the goose was already in the “this is my war, and I am going to win it” posture.  If you have been around these creatures, I know you understand.  We could retreat, go back the way we came, missing out on our planned adventure.  We could avoid.  Just walk across the street and continue our journey from there.  We considered our options.  Do we run?  No, he was not chasing us.  Do we confront, stand our ground and continue on our path just to make the point that we can?  No, there was a very nice sidewalk just across the street.  Do we retreat?  No, that would ruin all of our plans. Do we avoid?  Yes, we decided to avoid.  Why?  Because it was not that big of a deal, not worth the conflict.

So how can I apply this to my life?  How can this encounter with a territorial goose be an example as to how I should respond in my life situation, or yours as we encounter separation and divorce?
If we have to deal with a difficult situation or person what do we do?  It would greatly depend on each situation.  The pros and the cons have to be addressed before any action is taken. Let’s look at some options.
Should we run away?  In some situations, I would say yes if there is danger involved.  With an abusive spouse, I would say run far and fast.
Should we confront?  Sometimes we need to.  When someone lies about you or life events, when someone attempts to destroy your life and your future I think we have to respond. Yes, sometimes we need to confront even if we don’t feel like it.   I believe we will know when to cross those lines.
Do we retreat, give up, change our life plans?  For me to retreat is fine as long as it does not destroy my life goals.  Do not retreat if in any way it harms you or the ones you love.
Should we avoid?  I think some conflict is wise to avoid.  If someone is posturing and it serves no purpose other then to build them up, I would say just avoid the conflict.  They usually just want attention anyway.  No need to give it.
So if you come across an aggressive goose, or ex, consider your options carefully.  And of course pray for direction.

Just my opinion.
God Bless!