The Journey Through Divorce; Prayer

I remember learning at one point in my life that Billy Graham prayed all the time.  He prayed without ceasing.  I can recall thinking that is humanly impossible.  Nobody can pray constantly. I have come to tell you it is not the impossibility I thought it was.

When I learned of my husbands plan to leave without warning it was as though I had been slammed on the pavement with great force.  The mental trauma was beyond comprehension and this occurred almost immediately.  I don’t recall if I began to pray right away because I was in complete shock.  At some point in this ugly mess probably just a day after it began, I started to pray.  I would say it was prayer without ceasing.  These were not long eloquent prayers.  No, they were prayers of desperation.  I would pray “Lord, please help me to breathe.”  “God help me to know what to do and where to go.”  “God, please protect my children and grandchildren from the pain divorce can cause and all of its repercussions.”  “God help me want to live.”  There are also times that I have no words and it is as if my soul is speaking to God. I know in these moments God knows my heart and can understand what I do not.

Prayer helped me through each moment.  I don’t know how many times I have said: “God, please help me.”  It has to number in the thousands.

It has been five years since this all began for me.  God has helped me and continues to help me.  I still cry out many times daily “God, please help me today to rely on you.  I know you will show me the way and I know you walk beside me.  Thank you, God!

If you find yourself on the road of separation and divorce, remember you can cry out to God, and he will hear you.  He will show you, in his timing, the path to take.

God Bless you!