The Journey; “Don’t Sign Anything”

I can remember the painful early days just after my husband left me.  He had been seeing an attorney and filed for legal separation without a word to me.  I found out about this betrayal accidentally. I believe he planned to leave without warning.

By the time I discovered his intention to leave he had already developed a separation agreement with his attorney.  He gave me the contract, and in my shocked stupor, I read it, more than likely understanding little of the legal jargon found in the document.

I did not hide from anyone the fact that my husband had left me nor did I disguise the pain and confusion that followed.  I asked advice from everyone I encountered.  The consensus from all who heard my story was “don’t sign anything” you’re soon to be ex-husband wants you to sign!

Think of the situation I found myself in, that others find themselves in.  I was in emotional shock; I felt like I was walking underwater.  Things become sluggish, every moment feeling surreal.   I was on the road to despair, and my brain felt as though it was filled with cotton and it became difficult to think under such duress.

The big question, did I sign anything?  Not a chance, not without first consulting an outstanding attorney.  When my attorney saw the proposed separation agreement, she shook her head and said we could do better and we did.

If you find yourself in this situation, please be cautious in what you sign.  It may be difficult to think clearly when faced with a critical decision when you are in pain.  Please find someone that can help you, someone, you can trust.  In my case, it was an experienced attorney and a few loyal friends.

Always remember God’s Promise.

“I will never leave you or forsake you”.

Thank You God!