The Divorce Trip, Did You Take One?

I get all types of divorce info from various sites.  When I came across this video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, I had to share it with you. Let’s listen to this woman’s story and compare it to our own.

She was married for 48 hours and was two days into her honeymoon when she discovered her new husband was having an affair.  She said there were no red flags.  I liked what Jimmy had to say “better 48 hours than four years”.  I am so glad for this young woman that she learned the truth early on instead of decades later.

I was married 37 years and yes there were red flags, but I chose to ignore them.  Did I take a trip?  I did go on a trip shortly after my separation, but I did not title it My Divorce Trip.  I went to the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York with the Road Scholars.  It was a great experience.  Now that I think about it I need to take my official Divorce Trip.  I am going to start planning it:-)

How about you, did you go on a divorce trip? If so where did you go and how was it?  If you didn’t, plan one, you deserve it. Let me know where you decide to go.

Always remember God’s Promise.

“I will never leave you or forsake you”

Thank You God!


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