The Beginning, Thank You K-Love


I remember the painful early days of my separation. The event knocked me to the ground where I landed in a soul crushing fetal position. My emotions changed, and in an instant, my calm and clear mind fell into a cloud of confusion and despair. I remember my ability to do the things I did every day now became impossible for me to do. I could no longer read a book; my mind was too bruised. I could no longer watch a TV show; I could only stare at the TV as episode after episode danced across my screen as I watched in an emotional stupor. I could no longer listen to the news for doing so would only enhance my new found fears.
The only thing that I could do was find something that gave me hope and direction. For me, that was a radio station I used to take for granted. K-Love. I listened to the station daily.  Sometimes I did not want to hear what the lyrics in the songs said to me about hope because in my mind, at that time, I had no hope.
I remember one song in particular that touched my soul and still does today. “Praise You In This Storm” by Casting Crowns. I mention this song in my book, “My Story My Divorce God’s Promise, The Beginning.” I talk about the day when there was a strong storm over my town, the day I went out and sat in the rain and wind and asked God to send a lightning bolt to take me to His peace. God did not take me home but instead lifted me up. Though the music and through His word he gave me strength and a newly found testimony.

I hope you are not in a devastating divorce situation. If you are, please find something to give you hope. It could be a devotional, your church, your faith, or it could be a radio station.
Thank you K-Love for your ministry. For giving me hope in my storm through the music and God’s word.
God Bless,