The Beginning/My Thoughts on An Article”Can’t Sleep During Divorce…”

I was putting together a post on stress relief and sleep and came across an article that sounded interesting to me…

“Can’t Sleep During Divorce?  How to Handle the 3 AM Divorce Demons” by Kat Forsythe.

How well I remember those days.  Here is a quote from my book that highlights my inability to sleep,

“I wake up trembling, covered in sweat.  I ask myself, “What is happening?”Then I remember the source of my anguish.”

KathieyV Writer

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For me it was 2 AM.  I would wake up sweating in the fetal position with my fists clenched.  This happened every night.  I would struggle to fall asleep while coming to terms with this betrayal in my life. I would wake up though-out the night and come to realize that what I though was my nightmare was in fact my reality.

I would play mind games when I was lying in bed desperately seeking sleep.  These games included shutting off my mind by focusing on areas in my brain while trying desperately not to think.  I would attempt breathing exercises, praying, relaxation exercises.  In the early days none of this seemed to help.  Sadly, more than anything, I learned to build protective walls that have never come down nearly 6 years after the fact.

The author of the article gives us eight tips to warding of the “3AM demons”  I will mention just a few. 

*Before bedtime she says no alcohol, coffee, nicotine or sugary drinks.  I did avoid coffee and I don’t smoke.  I must admit I had my share of wine in the evening.

*Don’t watch tv or listen to the news after 7 PM.  When my Ex first left me I spent time in front of the TV just staring at it.  I did not have the energy to listen to the news.  It was probably 6 months to a year before I could watch or listen to the news. 

She goes on to say take slow deep breaths, I did that.  She mentions a website called the The 1AM Club.  It looks interesting and I probably would have joined back in the early days.  There is a fee to join.

Things that helped me were breathing exercises that I found online.  I would repeat scripture and pray.  I tried to stop my mind from thinking by focusing on nothing, oddly it did help.  I eventually saw a Dr that prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills, which I did not need before this trauma.  

I pray that you are able to sleep.  If you can’t there are many methods to try to assist you in this process.  There is also therapy and medications.  

                                       God Bless you on this journey.

                                      Always remember God’s Promise

                                    “I will never leave you or forsake you”

                                                  Thank You God, 


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