Tell Your Story Through Journal Prompts-A Journal Question Based on a TV Show with My Answer.

I believe it is important to tell our story.  I have started a series called “Watch TV With Me.”  In this series, we will be watching a show together, sharing our thoughts on the show, and then answering journal questions developed while watching the show.  

The first show is a story about divorce.  This focuses on two women who are going through a grey divorce.  The shoe is funny at times and painful at times.  I can relate to the show because I have lived the grey divorce myself.  The show is called Grace and Frankie. I am watching it on Netflix. 

Here is my initial post Divorce in the Media-Watch Grace and Frankie With Me.

Journal Prompt from Grace and Frankie-Season One Episode One

I developed six journal prompts from the first show.  I have chosen question 1 to focus on today.

Were you in the dark about your ex’s plan to leave you, or did you know?  Did you leave? Did you hide your plan, or were you vocal about it?”

My Answer

I did not know. I was entirely in the dark about his plans to leave.  I had suspected something was amiss for most of our marriage.  My suspicions were pushed aside because my ex was a pastor, and in my mind, the things that I thought were occurring could not be happening because “he was called of God, and he would never cross those lines.”  My realization based on my experience was “trust your gut.”
My ex was not the one to tell me he was planning to leave.  I found out because his attorney, that was preparing the divorce proceedings, accidentally sent correspondence to our home, and I found the letter. Can you imagine the shock?  We had been married 37 years, and we were headed into retirement, and I got a bombshell in the mail.  If I had not found this letter, I genuinely think I would have found out through his absence.  He would have left without a word. 

I would love to know your story.  

God Bless You on Your Journey,