Taking Care of You-Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Sometimes I don’t feel very productive. Often I feel like I am wasting time, spinning my wheels, and going nowhere. At times I like to see what others do to increase their productivity. And that is what I am going to do today. I will take a look at this article and see what I can add to my life to make it a bit more productive. Eight Things You Need to do Before 9-am for a Productive Day from the Glossy Belle Blog.

The first thing on her list is to get up early.  I already do that. I am up walking the dog by 6 am, and many times I am up at 4 am. Just depends on the day. The sooner you get up, the more you can get done if you are focused.

Next, she has that we should workout. I usually exercise in the evening or mid-morning. I am not a person that likes to workout early. I do walk Brodie though, does that count?

She says we should connect with the world by reading the news. When I am having my morning coffee, I typically watch the news.

She says we should take time to plan our day. I do that, but it is more of a rough outline of the day. I need to be more deliberate. 

Then she says we should meditate.  I don’t meditate, but I do have devotions on most days.

She goes on to say we should make our beddrink a tall glass of water, and eat a nutritious breakfast.  As I type this, I know that my bed is unmade, I did not have a glass of water, and I had toast for breakfast.

Based on this article, what will I add to boost my productivity that I do not already do?

I want to be more focused on planning my day. I will write my plan down. Also, I will make my bed when I get dressed.  

Ok, so I have a plan. What will you add to your day to make it more productive?

Take Care