Surviving Divorce

Surviving the Pain of Divorce, A Short Video by Jason Gray

I, like Jason, believed that my marriage would last forever.  I was looking forward to retirement and travel, spending time with my kids and grandkids going to church together and family dinners.  But my husband of 37 years had a different desire.  He desired to leave.

Many times in life we have no choice in matters that have a major impact on our lives and instead we are shoved down a path, not of our choosing.  With many, this path may be divorce.  As Jason says divorce is messy and disorienting and the pain can break things in our lives that we felt were unbreakable.

I believe that in the times of despair we need to keep trying.  In our doubt and confusion, we need to keep trusting God while putting one foot in front to the other even if they are baby steps.

Thank you, Jason, for sharing your story.  I thank God for your music.  Christian music kept me breathing during my initial trauma, and one of my favorite songs was one of yours:-)

If you are going through the pain of divorce, hold tightly to God and your friends.

Always remember God’s Promise

“I will never leave you or forsake you.”

Thank You, God!



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