Stress Relief-Try Chewing Gum

  Chewing Gum for Stress Relief

I remember chewing gum as a kid.  I also remember that kids chewing gum, making teachers and parents mad. I would pop my gum, and my brothers would get mad at me.  I would chew gum in class, and my teachers would get mad at me.  I would find gum under my desk at school or on my shoe after a walk outside, and that would make me angry.  That being said, aside from all the anger, chewing gum can also be beneficial for you.  It can be a stress reliever.  Who would have thought?In one Japanese study, test subjects who were asked to chew mint-flavored gum twice a day for 14 days reported lower levels of anxiety and mental fatigue compared with a control group that got just a mint. In other studies, it was found chewing gum could boost memory and reduce stress reduce anxiety, and increases alertness.  One study found that chewing gum for 10 minutes reduces stress.  
I know there is a downside to chewing gum, such as tooth decay.  I have decided I will buy some sugar-free mint gum and see if it does relieve stress in my life.  It is worth a try.

I hope you have a stress-free day!