Stress Relief Through Self-Care: Let’s Get a Pedicure!

 I believe that taking the time to take care of ourselves can help us relax and reduce our stress.  I found this thought backed up online, and according to Amherst College “taking care of yourself will help maintain your physical, emotional, and mental reserves to prevent and manage stress.

So to take care of myself this week, I decided to get a pedicure. The pool in my community just opened, and sandal weather is here, so I thought this would be a good idea on many levels.

Some studies say that stress relief can keep you healthy and boost your mindset and energy levels. One way to achieve a level of stress relief is through self-care.  One way for us to care for ourselves is by getting a pedicure.

The environment itself in a spa should be calm and relaxing. Typically there is calming music, and the visual surroundings should be warm and peaceful.

Along with the spa setting, there are typically options for scented treatments.  This enhances our experience through aromatherapy.

The pedicure experience also includes a foot and lower leg massage.  This increases circulation and promotes relaxation, thus boosting our mental health.

There is nothing like a bit of pampering to boost our mood and our outlook.

Here are a few things to think about when planning your pedicure.  I would read reviews on the spa.  Search for a nice one in your area to make your experience a good one.

I have to admit I choose poorly.  I have been to charming, peaceful locations in the past, but the place I visited this time was less than ideal.  

My Experience

In most cases, I enjoy the ambiance of the nail spa. There is usually calming music and a peaceful, serene atmosphere. Full disclosure, that was not the case where I went. First off there was no music. The place was loud, the employees were talking and laughing in a language I did not understand, and it went on the entire time. This was uncomfortable for me. The screen on the wall was nothing but a screen showing blurry images. They need to get that fixed.

I did get a nice result on my feet, but it was not a relaxing experience.  I will do my research next time.

Take Care of Yourself-I suggest you get a pedicure. 

Be sure to check reviews before you go.