Stress Relief and The Sounds of Nature


As I was reading about stress relief activities today I came across one suggestion I thought I would try.  Listening to the sounds of nature.  In my reading, I found that listening to nature can induce relaxation, reduce negative feelings, and increase pleasant feelings.  One site it was said listening to the sounds of nature can decrease blood pressure and heart rate, lessen muscle tension, and also decrease the production of stress hormones.  So with that in mind, I am going to listen to the sounds of nature.

“It was the people who listened to the nature sounds that had the lowest levels of cortisol. This means that listening to music during stress may not actually decrease stress. However, listening to nature sounds might do the trick.” Sharon L. Jewell

I could take a walk but in my neighborhood, the sounds of the burbs would overshadow the sounds of nature.  I decided to turn to YouTube to find videos that will help me enter the world of nature.  I will play them over a period of time with my eyes closed and pretend I am in a lovely forest.  Ok, let’s go.

I will set my timer for 15 minutes and see how I feel afterward. 



After listening for 15 minutes I found I was relaxed.  I know I was relaxed because I nearly fell asleep.  I would prefer to go out into nature to experience the sounds but it is August and hot and humid plus a tropical storm is coming so it is probably best I stay inside.
In conclusion, if you are feeling stressed or just want to relax give listening to nature a try.  I think you will find it extremely soothing.
Take Care and God Bless!