Stepping Outside of Ourselves:Random Acts of Kindness

I think it is healthy for all of us, no matter our life situation to step outside ourselves and do something nice for someone else.  It may redirect any negative thinking to something positive.

I found a list of 65 Random Acts of Kindness for Families on Pinterest; I love that site. I decided I would look at the first five suggestions on the list and put one into action.

Here are the first five items on the list.

1-Make care packs of toys and stickers for kids-That is a great idea, but I would not know who to share them with.

2-Carry a stranger’s groceries to her car. I have yet to see anyone in my neighborhood that needed help with their groceries.  If I ever do, I would love to help.

3-Plant milkweed to attract butterflies.  I have a local garden center near me, and I am headed there today to buy a plant any butterfly would love.

4-Volunteer at an animal shelter-I wish I had a shelter close to me.  I rescued my dog from a shelter about 40 minutes from here, and he is fantastic.

5-Donate your hair for kids with cancer.  I would love to do this if only it were possible.  I have short, thin hair.

I chose to #3 on the list.  I will buy a plant that attracts butterflies.  This would be an act of kindness for the butterflies, for my neighbors and me because we will enjoy the butterflies that visit, and for the business, where the plant is purchased.  It is a win-win!

You could join me on this quest.  Take a look at the link I provided above and choose something you would like to do.  You can be like me and take segments of the list, or you can study the entire list to find just the right act of kindness for you.

I would love to hear what you decide to do.

Take action in your life by helping others or in my case the butterflies:-)