Productivity-A Night-Time Routine

Things You Should Do Before Bed to Wake Up Refreshed and Productive

by Asian Efficiency Team

I like to read articles on how to be more productive.  I came across this article on how to wake up refreshed and productive and decided to apply some of it to my life.

I choose three suggestions from the list to apply to my life.

Prepare Your Clothes for Tomorrow

I have been meaning to do this for some time.  Sometimes I do and then again sometimes I don’t.  I must admit it does make the morning less stressful because this habit helps you be more organized in the morning, less rushed and less frustrated.  This one I will adopt into my evening routine.

Buy a more comfortable Mattress and Pillow.

I am sad to say that my mattress is ancient.  I am talking decades.  It is lumpy and far from level.  It is past time to buy a new one, and I have been thinking about it for years.  I am going to look into this major purchase.

Adjust the room temperature.

We sleep better when it is cooler.  I already do this.  In the middle of summer, I have the temp on 69-70.  I pile myself with blankets and always have my two fans running.  “Snug as a bug in a rug.”

I will add one of my own.  I like to read before bed.  I put on my PJ’s, get comfortable in my reading chair, and settle in for a good read.  I read anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours at night.  I find reading very relaxing.

I will be adding more to my evening routine as time goes on, but this is a good start.  Do you have something specific that you do before bed?  I would love to know what you find beneficial to a refreshing, productive morning.

Take Care