Productivity; “12 Habits of Highly Productive People”

 I found this article by 12 Habits of Highly Productive People Katie McLaughlin on Pinterest.  I find it so easy to be the opposite of productive, so I am always looking for helpful hints to add to my routine to be sure I can complete the tasks that need to be done.  I decided to pick two from her list to add to my routine.
Here are the two habits I decided to add to my daily life.

*A Dedicated Planning Time.

I have all these thoughts of what I want to get done.  I find that to get things done, you need to plan it out and or in my case, write it down.  Now I will sit down with my morning cup of coffee and plan my daily and weekly goals.

*Prioritize My To-Do List.
I can surely see where I need to put this into practice.  It is easy to finish the easy tasks that sometimes I put off the more difficult ones even though they should have done them first.  Yes, I need to prioritize!
Take a minute to read the article via the link I put above.  I would love to know what you would add to your list to help you become more productive.
Take care and happy planning!