Need Stress Relief? Try Stretching.

Stress seems to be all around us, and many situations can cause stress in our lives.   There are many ways to help decrease our levels of stress, and one of these ways is the act of stretching.

Your body can become stiff and tight due to stress and tension. Releasing this tension by stretching can lead to stress relief.

I was doing some research on stress relief and came across the fact that stretching can aid in our search for this relief. According to many articles, stretching can contribute to both our physical and mental health. Stretching not only increases your range of motion and flexibility but also reduces stress.

One article states that stretching can increase serotonin levels and thus help to stabilize our mood. 

This Colorado State University article says to look for videos that show static and dynamic stretching and avoid ballistic techniques, which can lead to injury. Consult your doctor before starting a new workout plan and listen to your body; if it hurts, don’t do it.

I will start stretching to increase my physical health and mental health. I will go on Youtube and find some stretching videos and incorporate this into my weekly habits. My goal is to stretch 3 times a week, and I will start this week. I went on youtube and searched Stretching for Stress Relief, and there is a ton of videos. I will have to find a few suitable for me and start my stretching for stress relief journey. I hope you join me on this adventure.

Take Care, and God Bless!