My Story My Divorce, The Beginning The Deposition of Ex, “I Plead The Fifth”

Blast From the Past 2013

The Beginning

Just what is the Fifth Amendment? I found one answer on

“Under the  Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, anyone suspected of committing a crime has the right to remain silent when questioned by police or prosecutors.  In other words, if truthful answers to their questions would prove you committed the crime, you don’t have to answer them”.  


Well, this makes absolutely no sense to me.  It allows people to hide the truth, but as my attorney said during the very long Deposition of Ex  “…claiming the Fifth in a civil proceeding carries a negative inference.”None of this seemed to matter.  The Fifth was claimed/spoken by “Ex” more than 40 times during the deposition.

Although my family does not know the truth, my friends do. One friend, Vanessa says “What’s done in the darkness will eventually come into the light.”

Well, here we are five years separated from the surreal day of the deposition of my Ex.  I can remember sitting in the law office conference room amazed as Joe pled the fifth time and time again.  As I think back, it does not seem like it could possibly be real, but it was.

If you are going into a separation and pending divorce, please find an experienced divorce attorney.  Sometimes depositions, and court proceedings will be in your best interest.  If nothing else you may learn some truths of which you were not aware.  Whatever the case God will be with you, lean on Him for guidance.

God Bless You!