My Story My Divorce God’s Promise The Beginning….


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As a pastor’s wife, KathieyV witnesses the ups and downs of every type of relationship over the years as she partners with her husband while he serves the church community.
But one day—out of the blue—her husband of thirty-seven years breaks his vows and leaves her. The despair is smothering.

KathieyV refuses to let her sorrow shatter her faith. Instead, she puts her words on paper and turns to her love for photography as a cathartic outlet. This memoir is the result, and it’s her brutally honest gift to you.

KathieyV’s book dives into the raw emotion she felt during the immediate aftermath of her separation and divorce, but she pairs her experiences with relevant scripture and gorgeous photographs to remind readers that hope is waiting on the other side of the pain.

Divorce is no respecter of persons, and believers going through the devastation of family crisis often feel overwhelmed.  My Story, My Divorce, God’s Promise reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of God, and although other people may disappoint us, he will never fail to be our refuge and ever-present help in times of trouble.


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