My Book Update Plus an Excerpt From “My Story My Divorce God’s Promise-The Journey”

Yes, I am working on my next book.  I have hit snags along the way.  The obstacles don’t come in the form of writer’s block but more so in the process of formatting, editing, and publishing the book.  

My first book was mainly about the actual pain I was suffering, both physical and mental, during the early days of my husband walking out.  I talk about something from the day, quote scripture that helped me survive the day, and display a photo to show that God’s beauty surrounds us even in our pain. 

Currently, the book I am working on will be called “My Story My Divorce God’s Promise-The Journey.”  This book is more practical because it includes what I call “stepping stones” to help us achieve objectives.  The book is divided into three sections.  The sections are related to the initial pain, the logistics such as hiring an attorney, and the last is more focused on moving on with your life.  Each subsection will include my thoughts, stepping stones to achieve the desired effect, supportive quotes, and scripture. 
I have nearly finished the book.  This week I am working on the table of contents. I have no idea how to set up a table of contents, but I have found several articles that I think will help me.  My goal this week is to read the articles and then do my best to produce my table of contents. 

Book Excerpt

Change Your Locks

“In the beginning, when I was still in shock, I allowed my soon-to-be-ex to come and go as he pleased. He had a key and would come under the guise of home repair and upkeep and getting a few of his things.  

I was so upset I did not have the capacity to think things through. Also, at this point, I had not hired an attorney to guide me in this matter. My first glimmer of reason came from my neighbor. I was getting my mail when my next-door neighbor came by. He expressed concern that my Ex was coming and going as he pleased, and he did not feel this was normal. My neighbor made me realize that I still wanted to trust my husband, and maybe this was not the course of action I should be taking.”

These are the initial paragraphs in the Change Your Locks section.  The following pages in the book discuss the stepping stones you need to take to accomplish this.  For example, speak with your attorney to ensure it is ok to do this in your situation.  When I finally did hire my attorney, this was one of the first things she told me to do.

Please pray for me as I strive to finish my second book.  It is my hope, as with my first book, that it will help someone on their road through divorce.
God Bless!