Morning Motivation:”Fear of Florence” Psalm 34:4

When you think about it life can be scary.  Hurricane Florence visited North Carolina this week.  On the coast there was and still is massive flooding.   Countless homes have destroyed by falling trees and flood waters.  Looters have hit the streets in many of the cities devastated by the storm.  Many have died.

As I sit here typing, we are still getting storm bands caused by Florence.  We are under a flash flood warning in our county. It is loudly thundering and pouring rain outside, and I have two dogs at my feet that are afraid of the chaos going on outside my door.

Yes, life can be scary, and filled with uncertainty.  Life can also and is also a wonderful gift filled with joy and beauty.  But in the times of fear and confusion, God promises to be with us and comfort us and even take away our fears.

It is thundering so hard now that the house is literally shaking.  There is nothing I can do about that so I will put it in God’s hands.

I believe God walks beside us in all things.

The good, the bad and the scary.

Thank you, God!