Surviving Divorce

Morning Motivation Through the Music, Nichole Nordeman “The Unmaking”

“The Unmaking” Lyrics  and my Thoughts                                                              

“This is where the walls gave way This is demolition day All the debris and all this dust

What is left of what once wasSorting through what goes and what should stay”

(Me: When did the wall give way for me?   When my parents and little brother died.  My wall crumbled to ashes when my husband left me.)

“What happens now? When all I’ve made is torn down What happens next?

When all of you is all that’s left” (Me: What does happen when your world, as you know it, has been destroyed?  You run to God.)


“This is the unmaking Beauty and the breaking

Had to lose myself to find out who you are Before each beginning

There must be an ending Sitting in the rubble

I can see the stars This is the unmaking”

(Me: I did not realize it at the time but there is beauty in the breaking.  When you have lost yourself you can find yourself again in God.)


“I’ll gather the same stones where Everything came crashing down

I’ll build you an altar there On the same ground

Because what stood before Was never yours”

(Me: I guess I have built an altar.  A reminder that God does supply even in the most profound hurt.  The more I learn about what was happening during my married life, things that I was unaware of at the time, the more I realize that my marriage was not built on God but was built on lies.)        


Thank you Nicole for this beautiful song.  Thank you God for your love and support at all times.

Always remember God’s Promise…

I will never leave you or forsake you.

Thank you God!



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