Morning Motivation; Quote by Rev. Billy Graham.

Leaving behind a legacy of character and faith is a beautiful gift.  Putting others before yourself, being a person of integrity,  keeping promises and leading families in faith.  I believe this is what God would like to see in his followers.

What a beautiful example to leave for your children and grandchildren.  This type of character is out there, but I do believe it is rare, at least based on my experience.  What we can do is trust God and ask him to heal the wounds left behind by someone who does not feel the importance of character and faith in their lives.

Some of us do not have examples of character and faith in our past or our present.   I sadly did not see this principle displayed when I was growing up or in my married life.  Those of us who do not have this gift of a Godly example can look to Jesus as our example.   God keeps his promises and loves us dearly.

“The righteous who walks in his integrity-blessed are his children after him.”

Proverbs 20:7

Thank you for the example of you that we find in Billy Graham and his teachings.  For some of us who have not witnessed this type of model in our lives help us to look to you Lord for leading and guidance.  Amen
God Bless You!